Industrial & Commercial IoT Devices and Applications

Let's Partner to Build Connected Machines and Devices that Transform Cities, Industries, Economies and More 

More than 20 billion connected things exist around the globe today, according to estimates from Gartner. Part of that explosion comes from people adding wireless devices, like speakers and cameras, to their homes. But it also comes from new connected applications beyond homes in offices, buildings, hospitals, retail shops, energy grids, manufacturing lines and city infrastructure. 




At Silicon Labs, our team and technology are helping customers worldwide build connected devices that measurably solve global challenges, including energy efficiency, infrastructure innovation and responsible production. We have thousands of design wins at industrial companies and are established leaders in segments like commercial lighting, electronic shelf labels and wireless smart grids. 

We're also pioneers in wireless innovation and have spent the last two decades simplifying the complexity of RF from silicon to cloud. We built the leading connected development platform and wireless hardware product portfolio. Our solutions also address both your common and complex development challenges: security, interoperability, cost, power, size, storage, scalability, reliability, robustness and more.

What makes us different? Our software. We abstract the complexity of areas like multiprotocol, security and certification so you can quickly get to market with intelligent devices. We also help futureproof your creations with over-the-air software and security updates and lifecycle management tools.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Us:


Award-winning hardware and software security with over-the-air updates to help safeguard connected devices from design to decomissioning 


Quickly build solutions that connect point-to-point and to the cloud leveraging a wide-range of wireless protocols

Reliability & Robustness

Ensure your devices can operate in harsh environments (obstacles, distance, noise, etc.) or in a mesh network with multiple nodes

Industrial IoT

Create wireless and wired solutions that help everyone from field engineers to C-level executives gain actionable insights, the transition from preventative to predictive maintenance and more by taking advantage of IIoT.


Explore Key Applications:

Smart Retail

Create wireless devices that help everyone from local grocers to global fashion chains streamline internal operations while improving customers' buying experience.

Explore Key Applications:

Smart Cities

Build wireless solutions to help municipal leaders make better decisions, streamline operations, improve infrastructure and improve the lives of residents by providing more real-time information about traffic, health, environment, energy and more.


Explore Key Applications:

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