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We Help Thousands of Wireless Developers Create Connected Daily Use Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings all the benefits (and challenges) of the web to common home devices like alarm systems and lightbulbs, as well as important aspects of life like oximeters and car seats. As fellow IoT enthusiasts and pioneers of wireless innovation, we set out to understand your challenges and make it easier for you to design, prototype, develop, and launch connected devices.

We engaged thousands of developers worldwide to understand and create an IoT development platform that addresses common challenges, including power, size, and storage, and complex hurdles such as security, interoperability, and reliability. With this understanding, we built the leading wireless development platform and product portfolio, unmatched in breadth and depth -- supporting more wireless protocols and smart home ecosystems than anyone in the industry.

We are obsessed with making it easier for you to use our integrated hardware and software platform, intuitive development tools, and state-of-the-art security, so you can quickly get to market with secure, intelligent solutions from edge to cloud. We are the proven partner for developers of smart home devices and gateways for many reasons, including:


No one wants to buy a new smart speaker every year. With our over-the-air updates and lifecycle management tools, we help you deliver new features and added protection via software to IoT devices already in people's homes.


Consumers want speakers, TVs, lightbulbs, and even toothbrushes connected, which means nearly every device in a smart home can be compromised or bricked. Our state-of-the-art security helps safeguard your IoT devices from design to decommissioning.

Interoperability & Usefulness

Users expect IoT devices to easily work together and be controllable with a simple touch or a voice command on any hub, phone, or remote. We use software to simplify the complexity of these efforts.

Reliable Connectivity

Wireless devices must be able to operate in any environment, from a noisy apartment building to a single-family home with a number of connected devices. Our industry-leading RF performance ensures connectivity, no matter the obstacle, distance, or noise.

Smart Home Applications

We're the #1 provider of IoT solutions, including mesh technologies that extend network reach in complex RF environments like homes. 

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Health, Safety and Lifestyle Applications

The simplicity, reliability and robustness of our silicon and software solutions make us the ideal choice for connected devices that impact key aspects of our lives, including medical devices.


Explore Key Applications:

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